Wondering if you have a hearing problem? Ask these important questions

published January 4, 2019

So many advertisements!!!!So much information!!!!!How do you decide?
Questions to ask when you think you might have a hearing problem.

  1. WHO: do you see? A Doctor of Audiology.
  2. WHAT: Have a Diagnostic Audiological evaluation and if appropriate a hearing aid consultant. Most places only provide a “ free screening”. There is a big difference between the two. A Diagnostic Evaluation will tell you if your problem needs to be medically treated before you go any further. Screening tells you what you already know…you are missing somethings. Doctors of Audiology perform comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations that to determine if there are underlying medical issues. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and explain your particular needs. The audiologist must be a good listener. No pun intended.
  3. WHERE: Chose an office that offers a wide variety of products. Just as one shoe does not fit all, one hearing aid manufacturer does not fit all. Your Diagnostic test and individual lifestyle assessment helps fine tune the recommendations and will determine the type, style and manufacturer that would be best for you. How convenient is the location? How flexible is the service provided.? You will want to be able to get in to the office easily. When you can’t hear, you want help ASAP. Ask any Audiologist’s reception about that after a long weekend.
  4. HOW: Ask about service. Hearing aids need maintenance and hearing aid wearers need counseling adjustments and lots of education.
  5. WHY: When you have a hearing impairment you are not just missing words, you are missing life. Get evaluated and treated today!

Hearing tests and Hearing Aid Technology is only as good as the Professional you chose