Curb Side – No Contact – Service Available – please read instructions

published April 22, 2020

CURB SIDE – No Contact- Service: (our office is open 9-5 Monday – Friday – but the doors are locked – we are offering curb side no contact service only at this time until further notice)

Please follow the below instructions to make a curb side appointment:

Bonita office call (239) 948-3434
Naples office call (239) 434-7000

1. When you arrive, call us to let us know you are here.

2. Leave your hearing aids / devices on table after we have talked to you on phone when you arrive.

3. We will come out to pick them up from table. You can wait in your car.

4. We will call you or motion to you in your car when they are ready so that you can retrieve your hearing aids from the table