Get an accurate hearing test and treatment plan with our hearing experts.

Hearing tests in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida


Struggling to hear various aspects of your life can be frustrating for you and your friends and family. Your quality of life shouldn’t be decreased as the result of difficulty hearing. It’s important to get tested at the first sign of hearing issues so that we can evaluate your specific needs and create a plan to allow you to enjoy a quality life full of sound.


We begin with an interview to learn more about you, your lifestyle and any challenges you experience in your daily life. Some questions we’ll ask are:

  • Has anyone in your family ever had any hearing problems
  • Have you suffered an injury or illness that might have caused hearing issues?
  • Have you taken any medication that might have had an affect on your hearing?
  • Can you recall any events or activities where you’ve experienced loud sounds?


We examine the inner ear for any obstructions or damage to the ear canal and ear drum. Using a otoscope or video otoscope will allow us to examine your outer ear for any issues.

Hearing Tests

The next step is to conduct hearing tests to discover the severity of your hearing loss. Some tests include:

  • A screening to measure your response to four frequencies, each at 25 decibels.
  • An assessment of how accurate and clearly you can hear and understand normal conversation at different volume levels.
  • An evaluation of your middle-ear to see how your eardrum and hearing respond to a variety of air pressure levels.

If we discover evidence of hearing impairment from these tests, we’ll document your results on an audiogram. This will show your hearing loss by frequency, as pitch and volume changes. Whether your hearing is impaired for low or high pitches, we’ll explain what that means for you moving forward and work together to create an excellent solution.


Hearing aids are one option to fix your hearing impairment. We will discuss each hearing aid type suited for your needs and find one that is comfortable and perfect for your lifestyle.

Each hearing aid type has different features and varying degrees of size and discreteness.

Another option is surgery and implants for those that are either deaf, or suffer from profound hearing impairment. Sometimes surgery and implants are a better option than hearing aids, and it’s important to find the right solution. Implants can be surgically inserted into the ear to improve hearing, facilitate lip-reading and make it easier to distinguish specific sounds.